Supporting Jacqueline Offline

Jacqueline was the first parent to comment to my introductory posting, and her question helped me frame the second post on reading with beginning readers. After my response, she contacted me by email to help her respond to her daughter's situation. We will continue to communicate offline, but my next posting--following the election--is also inspired by her question and will focus on writing with young children. If you have found this blog and have questions yourself, I'd love to hear them and will do my best to respond.

In the meantime, I will share a favorite language story. My friend Kristina was out of town and her six year old daughter, Sophie, was walking to school with her dad and a best friend. The friend commented that their teacher was like a princess, and Sophie responded: "Yeah, but my mom's a queen. She's getting a crown next week." Have you figured it out? Sophie had overheard Kristina making a dental appointment, and thought royalty rather than dentistry. This is a perfect example of how kids think as they interact in the world and sort out its complexity. Such a rich glimpse into kid thinking! If you have a language story, please share it!

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